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Please link directly to a reliable source that supports every claim in your post title. Josi Hausman and Kate Misterly, both 18, who together stood topless near the west stage Saturday afternoon, said that most festival attendees, both male and female, were overreacting to the exposed skin.

I even had complete strangers help me down from a terrible trip and I'm ever so thankful for these people. Amateur latina with big tits fucked hardcore. Fred Durst after wasting 30 minutes to get the crowd to tear down a plank of wood so that he could crowd surf on it for the next song literally told everybody If you punch an old woman in the face for no reason, other than being part of a crowd, you never were and are not a good person.

They pretty much set everything on fire at one point during Woodstock Videos are fine so long as they come from reputable sources e.

If his parents were there that'd be a different story, but that's not the impression I get reading his comment. Woodstock 99 naked. In the s, young men began to expect sex from young women they were dating, and I believe this led to a large rise in the amount of sexual crime committed on dates. Rich MacGregory, 18, sat in a latticed lawn chair, surrounded by fetid garbage. The difference was that inpeople paid attention to their victims. If your TIL is found on this list, it will be removed.

If you are interested in reading about the TILs on this list use the search box feature and enter the keywords to pull up past TILs. The mist tent was packed every time I passed it. Milf bra porn. I see a lot of girls passing overhead and they're gettin' really fin' groped," Holland said, referring to crowd surfers. Yes, there were drugs, nudity, and vile behavior.

How clean those nozzles stay is a discussion for another day. Yeah pretty much every fest these days has bottle filling stations you can use for free. Others exposed their breasts to artists onstage as well as pay-per-view cameras roaming the grounds. And yeah, when I think back to all the festies I've been to, it's just been good vibes and new friendships, not gang rape. The "straw men" I am attacking is that rapes happened but weren't reported because the woman thought she wouldn't have been taken seriously.

Images alone do not count as valid references. Throw flaming shit at other people. I do have part of the wall that was surrounding the place though, just a little piece.

When police and firefighters attempted to put out the largest blaze, which burned along the north wall of the festival grounds, they were pelted with bottles and rocks. Oh man, the best part was Carson Daily. Wow guys what an overwhelming response. Lesbian ass seduction. Thank God nobody was hurt. I can't imagine everyone else in the mosh pit is watching and says "this is a really good idea".

You have a completely distorted and inaccurate view of very recent history if you think that men prior to the s could freely rape women they knew just because they weren't a stranger or unknown to them. People were robbed and beaten up for any reason whatsoever

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What did you expect? The band's set included Jimi Hendrix's "Fire. The have-nots were the people. Jav lesbian squirt. The vibe in the air can only be explained like the moments before a cattle stampede.

My relief at the sound of his voice turned to dismay at the news that during the riot, their tent had been ransacked and two of their bags stolen. Tea and her friend Kira Sidall, both of Richmond, Va. People are dumb, panicky dangerous animals and you know it. Just goes to show how much of an impact a bands fans can have on an environment I probably wouldn't, no. Woodstock 99 naked. We went back to my truck and sat on the roof, smoking pot, just soaking in the craziness, when low and behold we see a swat truck or two with full riot gear police marching around.

You can review the changes here. And that gang rape in the pit during LB's set wasn't the only gang rape that happened at that fest.

You have to wonder what's changed in our youth culture between, and RHCP was playing, and I remember taking a second to look around. I was more concerned about their physical safety. Indian lesbian porn hd. Soon after, four baton-wielding officers chased a skinny young man into the drummers' circle before a lieutenant ordered them to retreat. It's that the music of Limp Bizket speaks to a certain kind of people, ones who were probably already assholes and simply lacked the shit-flinging outlet for their severe and debilitating douchebaggery.

Women flashed bare breasts at cameras that in turn projected the images on the large screens by the two main stages. Bandcamp Album of the Day May 17, go to album. A hundred yards in front of them, a crowd of youths had formed a defiant drummers' circle. Rapists were sickos sneaking into your window at night. We pulled up to a long line of cars waiting to get in. You learn something new every day; what did you learn today?

Bandcamp Album of the Day Nov 15, go to album. Xhamster russian milf. They warned me about drugs, nudity, antisocial behavior. Any sources blog, article, press release, video, etc.

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I saw Rage Against the Machine at Leeds festival a couple of years ago and the crowd was the most full I have ever experienced. Penis and also Dicke and Balls. Anything that could be set on fire was set on fire, from vendor stands to tractor trailers. Next, the police came, Hardcore helicopter style, and told everyone to disperse immediately because they are about to drop tear gas.

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Belle knox lesbian sex Charges included resisting arrest, disorderly conduct, petty larceny and reckless endangerment of property. I guess the only people that had a good time were the pyros.
Hot boobs tits And yeah, when I think back to all the festies I've been to, it's just been good vibes and new friendships, not gang rape.
Sexy fucking asian girls Would you let a 14 year old go to Coachella or Bonaroo or Glastonbury unsupervised?

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